PWA Slalom Worldcup Fuerteventura 2010

Day 05 – Last day of the 2010 PWA Fuerteventura Slalom Worldcup. As already in the previous day the wind decided to kick in pretty late so only one Slalom Race could be done. One race which could decide and change a lot in the rankings, after nine races the field still was very close together and even Worldchampion Albeau could have been kicked of the Top Ranking from Finian Maynard and Björn Dunkerbeck had to defend his third place against Cyril Moussilmani and all four made it into the final which so became one of the most exciting of the competition. Already the preparation for the start became a hard fight and with really smart racing Albeau managed to get Maynard cross the starting line a second too early which put Maynard onto eigth place and gave Albeau the Event win already and all eyes for the Race went to the duel Dunkerbeck vs Moussimani. Dunkerbeck was leading the field almost throughout the entire Race, while Moussilmani caught speed in the second half of the race to come closer and closer to Dunkerbeck, but the record Worldchampion used all his experience to win this last final of the Event and save his third position, right after Maynard and Albeau. In the next five days the crème de la crème of Freestyle Windsurfing will show their skills to the Fuerteventura crowds.

Day 04 - Very light winds in the morning of day four of the Slalom Worldcup 2010 at Fuerteventura made racing impossible and it took a couple of hours before the wind finally increased sufficient for constant racing. The chance for Finian Maynard to secure his second place and fpr Björn Dunkerbeck to fight for a podium place, while Albeau was sitting in a pretty solid lead already, maybe too solid for the french. After a good start and arriving at the first Jibe mark in first position, he crashed his jibe and was overtaken by four sailors who took advantage and Albeau just couldn´t catch up and finished withoiut qualifying for round two. The chance for Dunkerbeck, who was sailing very fast that day, to win his first Slalom, if there wouldn´t have been Finian Maynard, who, after lots of second and third places, finally also had the chance of a first place and that´s how he sailed, with all the power he got he left all other finalists behind and claimed victory for the first time and secured his second place overall, while Dunkerbeck kicked Moussilmani off the podium

Day 03 – With six races in the bag and worldchampion Antoine Albeau in a very comfortable lead day number three of the 2010 Fuerteventura PWA Slalom Worldcup went into the next round. Light and very irregular winds in the morning made the first start at ten o´clock in the morning impossible and the Sailors went around the course for some training and set up rounds, before the first Heats could be started short before midday. With lighter winds than in the previous days it was still Albeau who made the pace and could win Slalom one of the day, while current second Cyril Moussilmani seemed to have some problems today and could not keep up but still managed to stay ahead of Finian Maynard and Björn Dunkerbeck in the overall rankings, at least after race one. In Race two Moussilmani did not even get into the semifinal and had to make way for Maynard, who made his way up into the final one more time, together with Albeau, Williams, Dunkerbeck, Pritchard and co.. It was the chance for Maynard to go up the ladder and for Dunkerbeck to close the gap a bit more and get closer to the podium rankings. The crowd at the beach didn´t expect less than another save win for Albeau also in this race, but after a very bad start and a crash at the first Jibe mark it became clear that this time the winner would be someone else. Björn Dunkerbeck saw his chance to finally, after some unlucky races so far, get over the finish line as first and with all his experience and great Boardspeed he could keep his opponents in the back and win that Slalom number eight easily, while Maynard sailed well enough to overtake Moussilmani and finish day three on second place while Moussilmani had a pretty bad day and lost another place.

Day 02 – After a very exciting first Slalom day with hauling winds, high speed racing and massive crashes, the second day could not match the first day but still the the windspeeds around 20 – 25 knots were more than enough for another three downwind Slalom Races. Man of day one has been French Cyril Moussilmani, finishing the day at the Top position in front of Worldchampion Antoine Albeau. But the big French Slalom dominator Albeau came to the beach today with a mission, getting his usual rank back and send his opponents, as they were Moussilmani, Maynard, Dunkerbeck, Williams, van der Steen and Pritchard, to their battle for second place. To make a long story short, Albeau won all three Slalom races of day 2 and put himself up into a very solid first position overall once again. Especially Moussilmani and Maynard proved that they still haven´t given up and speeded themselves into second and third places. Dunkerbeck, the record worldchampion and who had trained very hard for a comeback after some unsatisfied results in the previous years, did not find his form today neither and with some unusual racing mistakes and quite some bad luck when he got kicked of his board by other racers failing their jibes, could not match the Top group. The windspeeds might drop a bit more in the coming days what might throw the actual results into the mixer and bring different faces to the Top.


Day 01 - Ten days of highest Level Windsurfing at Fuerteventura, that is the 2010 PWA Windsurf Worldcup at Sotavento Beach which has started the 24th of july with the Slalom discipline. All Top Riders, the fastest Windsurfers on earth, had arrived to race around the downwind courses for world ranking points. Top Favourites were actual Worldchampion and dominator Antoine Albeau from France, as well as record holder in worldchampionchips, Björn Dunkerbeck, ex fastest man on the Planet Finian Maynard, ex Worldchampion Kevin Pritchard and Micah Buzianis and the French speeder Cyril Moussilmani. The windspeed was measured with 25 to 37 knots on the race course and the first to dominate those strong winds was Worldchampion Albeau who raced up through all Heats and straight to the win of Slalom number one, followed by Cyril Moussilmani, while Dunkerbeck started over early and had to be disqualified. With increasing winds the races became more and more spectacular but the Top Riders in the final were the same and with some great performances in the previous Heats british Ross Williams became one of the men to beat in the Final and only Cyril Moussilmani managed to catch up and fly over the finish line on first position with Williams in second. Albeau had a major crash on the first leg when his mast broke with approx. 60 kilometers per hour. Luckily he didn´t result injured and could try to fight back in race three of the day. Lik the first rounds of each Slalom would be just better warm up sessions, also in race three all Top guys made it into the final again. The windspeeds now reached Top level and the Racers were flying only on their fins over the course and Micah Buzianis was the one with most control and could win this race number 3 with Albeau right behind him and Cyril Moussilmani chasing Albeau. Moussilmani finished day one of the 2010 Fuerteventura Slalom Worldcup on the Top, with Albeau in second and Ross Williams and Kevin Pritchard sharing the third place.

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