PWA Freestyle Worldcup - Fuerteventura 2010


Day 04 - What a Freestyle demonstration at day 4 of the 2010 PWA Freestyle Worldcup at Sotavento Beach. The wind was hauling already in the early morning hours in the first Freestylers started their Heats with the 3,7 to 3,3 Sails and still looked very powered up and so was the action, great airmoves, super fast rotations and sick double and tripple moves and all already before the masters of Freestyle hit the water, that was when the action really went through the roof, all moves with even more speed and power than seen before and so the Top guys van Broekhoven, Taty Frans, Kiri Thode and Gollito Estredo made it up into the semi final. Estredo won with a close decision against Taty Frans and van Broekhoven a bit clearer against Thode. The Final became a real Freestyle demonstration of both riders but especially Estredo fired moves like massive Airflakas and Shakas, a big tweak Pushloop and full planning clew first Ponch and so stood at the highest podium place at the end of the day. At the last day the second double elimination will be finsihed and with today´s win Estredo might get his first place back from Thode.

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