PWA Freestyle Worldcup - Fuerteventura 2010


Day 03 - The windforecast was right, almost, the wind kicked in later than expected and still there were no waves, but the Freestyle Double Elimination could start almost on time. In very tough conditions, the shifting and gusty winds made life very hard for most riders, it took some time before the better sailors hit the water to show the big crowds a very good show, even if the water has been very flat and so big Airmoves were something rare. British Max Rowe managed to catch up some places by winning four Heats in this Double elimination and also french Leo Ray sailed his way  up to 6th place. Ray could only be stopped by belgium Steven van Broekhoven, who had to be happy today with 5th place when he was stopped by Taty Frans who also kicked out his brother Tonky in the race for third place and lost in a very very close decision against Kiri Thode. The Final, again, Estredo vs Thode, should become something the Freestyle spectators haven´t seen to many times before. Estredo had a just insane warm up session but in the final vs Thode he could not find his form at all and gave up the heat 2 minutes before it was over. But before you haven´t lost twice in an elimination you´re not out and so a second final for the winner of the first double elimination had to be sailed, Estredo started way upwind to have some time to get back and find concentration. He did start better into his Heat but again couldn´t do one single of his Trademark moves like Matador, Gozada Burner, double Airflaka or Skupo and even crashed with his Pushloop while Thode was just going off and landed some sick Moves lick Burner into Puneta, a massive Culo and various double moves. It became the first time that Thode could beat Estredo in a double Elimination Final. In the next two days more eliminations will be started.

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