PWA Slalom Worldcup Fuerteventura


Between the 23rd and 27th of June all Big Names and Big Guys of worlds Slalom Windsurfing are back at Sotavento to fight for more points in the overall Ranking. Favourite and Tourleader Antoine Albeau won the first two Races and at the end of day one leads the fleet. With even more wind and some waves the second day started, with Albeau winning also the first Race of the day here before starting to struggle. Ross Williams and Kevin Pritchard saw their Chance and won the next two Races, getting the Top Ten even closer together. So far Maynard managed to protect his second place, but for how long ? With three more Races on day three and Albeau still in the lead, the Slalom Worldcup became the platform for one of the most spectacular Races at Sotavento at day four. After waiting the entire day for the Windconditions to stabilize, in late afternoon the course has been changed with the starting very close to the Spectators and windspeeds over 40 knots and gusts with much more. Full Speed Slalom Race, close to the Beach, flying water and sand, huge crashes and a Master Jump over the finish line from winner Antoine Albeau. Just Great !!!

Unluckily this Race couldn´t be repeated the last day. Shifting and very gusty winds let the Slalom Racers start only to have another Heat cancelled after two Jibes. After like 30 attempts the Race Director called the Competition off and Antoine Albeau ended up as the Winner, with a really happy Finian Maynard in second and Kevin Pritchard in third.

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