Day number five started with a very early Skippersmeeting to take the chance finishing another Single and Double Elimination at the last day to give all Riders to still improve their results. Unluckily also at the last day the wind failed to show up strong enough for Competition and so Event had been called off with a possible Supersession in the afternoon in case of enough wind. It really looked like the wind this year just didn´t want to play game. Right afer also cancelling the Supersession because of the lack of wind, the air started to move and a little later most Windsurfers were on the water with their 4,5 sails. Gollito Estredo and Sara Quita finished as winner at the 2009 PWA Worldcup at Sotavento Beach. For Sara Quita that also meant she defended her Worldtitle since it has been the last women Freestyle in 2009. Congratulation Sara !!!!  Also Gollito Estredo is in a very good position now two defend his Title, with only the PWA at Sylt to come up with Freestyle. The battle for teh second overall Ranking have become really close with Kiri Thode, Tonky Frans  and Marciliio Browne at second Place and with equal points. Daida Moreno managed to finish in second behind Sara Quita in teh 2009 women Ranking. Also with equal points Yoli de Brendt and Junko Nagoshi finished third, but with Nagoshi having had the better result at Lanzarote she is the one stepping on the 2009 PWA Overall Podium.


Freestyle Men 2009 Fuerteventura PWA Freestyle Worldcup


1. Gollito Estredo

2. Tonky Frans

3. Marcilio Browne


Freestyle Women 2009 Fuerteventura PWA Freestyle Worldcup


1. Sara Quita Offringa

2. Daida Moreno

3. Yoli de Brendt

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