Klitmöller - Denmark Travel 2009

Latina in Denmark

by Yoli de Brendt and Tom Brendt


For a good ten hours, I already sat in the back seat of a motorhome, some jams and mileage on German highways already are behind me and the tension in me continues to rise. Countless times I have been wondering why this spot in the far north of Denmark would be so high on Tom's list of Top Spot, right next to the warm and wavy Spots as Maui or Cabo Verde. Of course, I have seen some videos and photos from our goal of Klitmoeller, but dropped for me as Venezuelan just the impression of coldness in the eye, so much, that I had the real windsurfing conditions still largely unnoticed. But something had to be tuned to this spot after Tom and our friend Olli from El Yaque for weeks hardly had a different theme, as finally drive again on the spot, where both, before their departure from Germany, had been so frequently, we decided this year to schedule one week in Klitmoeller.

Summarily decided another friend, globetrotter Charley to join us along with his motor home. Both on Charley and me should be paid entirely new field, we usually prefer both warm and shallower water, for my Freestyle preferences and Charley for easy cruising with his kite and windsurfers, and in Denmark we both would have to think different. But first, should we still await a few hours drive and even an unplanned overnight stay before arriving in Klitmoeller due to some major traffic jams on our way up north. Early in the morning, after a quick breakfast we focussed on bringing the rest of the miles behind us, and after nearly 24 hours traveling time we rolled slowly into perhaps the most famous fishing village in Denmark. Before we were striving for our vacation, we naturally wanted to first of all examine the beach. In bright sunshine, we were looking at scattered wave riders paddled out over the Reef in Headhigh waves.

Although only a slight breeze passed by on the open sea, I could already guess why Tom and Olli so often the ordeal of the long journey had taken upon himself. After we had rented our house and our belongings stowed there, I could get an idea of how diverse can be the entire region for windsurfing. The light breeze that we had in the Bay Klitmoeller identified in the morning, turned out on South Beach, the Beach called  “Bunkers “,  than enough wind for Charlie's 12-meter kite, and even brought Tom with the 5.0 sail and his 76 liters board one or another time with the help of small waves in the air. Of course, I could not stand there long indifferent to the beach and watch. In a short time, I rigged up my 4.7 and after passing the Shorebreak, I was planning the first time on Danish waters. To my surprise the water was warmer than at some spots on the Canary Islands, of which we had left only a week ago, and still the most radiant sunshine rounded off the day perfectly, even when the waves were like something to be desired. In preparation for our Tripp to Klitmoeller and the daily online wind check, Tom and Olli mentioned more than once, that you can find good conditions in almost all directions, whether in Klitmoeller itself Vorupor, or Agger and Hanstholm.

Only easterly winds were not really ideal, but would not occur too often. This case, unfortunately, not so ideal occurred during our week. The southeast and east winds gave us plenty of sunshine and very mild temperatures, but it became hard to think of approximate windsurfing. Even a trip to the Viksö Bay, northeast of Hanstholm, brought only a short Windsurf pleasure. So we spent our time with beach runs, trips to Thisted and Vorupor and barbecues. Only three days remain to us almost without hope, when Tom returned with his laptop under his arm from Internet hot spots in a parking lot at the Klitmoeller Bay to tell us that the wind forecasts have improved significantly. To which Tom was delighted, gave me a queasy feeling in my stomach, because although I already often windsurfed at harsh conditions at the Canary Islands and Spain, I will at the thought of big waves still get very nervous. The next morning it would start, but instead of wind and wave, there was once again continuous rain, but in the early afternoon, the stronger wind drove the clouds along and I was able to go out with my 4.2 on the still relatively small waves, and my nervousness decrease slightly.

In our spot check early in the morning, I finally understood why this spot is one of the best wave spots in Europe. Clean waves were running over the Shell Reef, so clean that even I did not have problems with timing. The fact that the waves broke just headhigh, gave me the thing of course, easier, and I found it not so hard to train a few turns harder at the Face and use the true power of the waves. So slowly I came to the taste and now also finally understood why so many surfers hardly move without waves on the water. Unfortunately for us it was the last day, despite the huge forecast for the next two or three days, ordered us to schedule our departure, our next Windsurflabor.de Clinic KOS in Greece was on the plan.

The first real day of windsurfing Klitmoeller we crowned with a hearty barbecue. The whistling along the window frame and the creaking of the wooden roof beams of our houses on the last morning we woke up and immediately we could imagine what was going to go along the coast in front of it and on arrival at the beach for the last spot check our ideas have been surpassed. With a long face was considered especially Tom, the fact that we were required to leave is not really to his taste as good 30 knots blew the sea spray from the meter-high wave swept mountains, which were perfectly arranged in the bay. Only a few surfers were on the water and shot themselves into the sky of some of the mast high breaking Waves. At least now I realized the true quality of this Spot and why the small Windsurfers village had filled over night with fully loaded windsurfing vans from Germany and Denmark. Only my promise to return again to this fascinating spot on earth to return to this spot with an extremely high fun factor, brought some life back into Tom's petrified face.


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