...exhausting days under palmtrees...

While most parts of Europe was suffering and hiding to storm Xaver, well, actually i followed social media and could see that hundreds were still out in freezing cold conditions, respect !!  I had some super nice Mountain Bike rides, through the desert trail, very technical plus the Killer Mountain uphill training and some longer routes, over Margarita´s Mountains, through the cactus fields and along the caribbean coatline..  and now that we got wind and waves back i am getting kind of sour... MTB SUP and Windsurf yesterday..  great SUP Session this morning at Sunrise and most probably another one in the afternoon if the wind doesn´t get stronger and makes me go on my Fanatic Freewave again... It´s been exhausting days and it will be much more exhausting the next days with wind and waves still increasing....  

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