MTB Fever....

It was about time.. about time for me to finally get on a Bike also here at Isla Margarita...  something i do almost on daily bases in Germany and never ever did over here...  well, i came here to Windsurf - Surf and SUP (even some Kite, but don´t tell anybody ;-) )  and i always skipped the idea to follow the El Yaque Bikers...  but this year is different...  I had much less time on wheels in Germany and kind of missed it so decided to get a Mountainbike and follow Al and Nora (and the whole group) every other day and i have been really suprised so far...  very technical, narrow and nice tracks plus the "Killer Mountain" where i have been taken fotos of in the past years...  Well, i can tell you it is very hard to get up that hill..  loose ground, sand, very narrow tracks...  and kind of steep...  but, i´ll get there...  will train hard for it...  today i wanted to see the other five Killer Mountains but had zero power in my legs today and had to walk down the first very difficult Downhill track...  I´ll be back here in better shape !!!!!!


Well, one day rest and we go again...  got training for the predicted wind and waves at the weekend and the upcoming week...  sweet....

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