... Rainbow Sailing...

It has been one of those days...  Windforecast tells you there will be no wind or light wind if ....  So, day to go for the shopping we were talking about for days or weeks...  Porlamara City was calling...  after visiting two, three Shops we receive a little message...  where are you ?? IT´s´windy down here...  ok.. little Uturn and heading back to El Yaque...  stucked in traffic but still made it pretty quick, prepare the gear, load the car...  double check if everything is there....  GO...  Car in El Yaque ??  well, for a little session at Punta Canero, like a ten minutes drive away, with a bit more Ramps and Waves...  arrive..  rigg up quickly...  and ready to go out...  but wait...  something is missing..  can´t believe we lost routine of packing that quick...  no harnesses in the car...  formula 1 drive back home and on the water 20 minutes later....  we couldn´t tell how long it would last, huge clouds were already builing up to massive black towers and we could see the hard rain over the main part of the Island already...  but at least we got some time, with the wind a little light but ok before also we got hit by the storm...  pressure in teh sail for like 10 minutes just before the rain and ....  the RAinbow...  always nice to sail below the rainbow....  it´s been a good day in the end....  got some shopping and some windsurfing  today...  now it looks like some SUP Sessions in the next days...

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    workout shorts (Freitag, 15 Mai 2015 14:32)

    Thanks for such a wonderful post.

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