weather changes

What´s up with the global weather...  ? Whereever we go we can hear the stories, see the changes, the windbelts around the globe have shifted ??  the local weather effects are increasing ??  fact is that wind and weather have been kind of weird just everywhere. Morocco has been much much greener, cooler and more wet than i´ve ever seen it before....  the canaries got heat by one Calima after the other..  meaning lots of heat and no wind or very strange and gusty winds plus there were almost no waves for a loong time... back in germany it´s 38 degrees...  well at least a few days just before it drops to 15 and at night it´s been only 11 to 13 anyway...  i hope that´s just a phenomenom that won´t hold for too long and next year will be more back to normal...  or we go start chasing some new spots...  if the windsystems have shifted there must be loots of new Windsurf and Surf Spots around the globe...  interesting....  Our next Stopp is Greece...  also from there we hear that weather is different, but it´s wiindyy !!!!!

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