Tobago here i am....

Tobago here i am...  yes, indeed, i made it ...  it has been a short trip regarding time in the air but in the end not that short considering all the hours waiting at Porlamar and Trinidad Airport, Customs procedures etc...  but still I enjoyed the flights, especially the one from Porlamar to Trinidad along the venezuelan coastline, how many huge and beautiful beaches are there !!!!  that was just amazing....  Arriving at Trinidad Airport i was surprised about the size and organisation of that Airport, I say this is the biggest, cleanest and best organized caribbean Airport I´ve been too...  Another little hop and there i was at Tobago, next little surprise, they drive at the other side of the road....  !!!! well, not for you my british friends....  ;-)

plus the Transfer time was the shortest ever...  luckily there is no big Airtraffic over here as the Airport is maybe five walking minutes away....


Today i went to check the village and the beach at Pigeon Point in the natural park...  I can tell that once you entered the park you are in a totally different world...  how beautiful is that over here....  100 % pure caribbean feeling......  Not to bad to run our Windsurf Camp right here for the next 6 days, could have been worse...  I will tell you more about it in the next days....  so far enjoy the images.....  ;-)

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