The need to travel....

Time has come, packed my bags again, after not doing it for a month...  which felt pretty strange after living out of those bags the entire summer. Resting at my family´s home has been nice but also weird as I felt nervous all the time, nervous about sitting at home , inside, with bad weather outside, which actually can be qute relaxing for two three days but once it starts to force you stay inside, make you freeze while you´re running or sitting on your Mountainbike you would possibly also try to find something better....  well, i knew the better would come pretty soon, but still i am vey happy that he time has come and i´m almost at the airport again...  only few flights away from being back at my second home....  The Island is calling....  I am really looking forward to my fist session on the water, don´t care if Windsurf, Surf or SUP....  crossing fingers for some conditions....  

So I´ll say goodbye to my german friends and I´ll kepp you updated here at my blog, my fotosite and of course at  

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