Greece - back to the future ??

Many times i have travelled to Greece in my life, mostly really enjoyed my stays in the beautiful southern european countries, the land of gods and goddesses....  but after some weird experiences and witnessing the crisis in the country a bit too much in 2011 i felt a bit nervous, well, curious, this time before heading towards Kos and Samos....  Especially when watching german television showing thousands of greeks treating germans as bad as one could imagine but hardly believe...  and remembering that in the past year it has been like that indeed.. so i wanted to see how it woud be this year...  especially the fact that we will live day after day with those greeks who really can´t and couldn´t do anything about the crisis which made life very very hard and for some almost impossible in their own country, the country where they like to stay, to live and to work hard, as their fathers and grandfathers did and most probably their kids will do as well.....  well, now i am back for a good week...  and...  i was very suprised, positively surprised...  whereever we went, whatever we did, we were surrounded by super friendly and motivated greek people, the smiles were back o their faces and they really understood their situation and despite all political problems they decided to fight and work for a better life, to survive and make their country stronger again...  and i can understand their frustration in the past year when you see that all your efforts are for nothing, politics don´t change and you get forced to work even more while you are already way over your limits....  Of course we could still see the crisis, shops and cafe´s closed, restaurants and hotels pretty empty but i was happy to be back here and next year i won´t be nervous at all but happily looking forward to it instead....

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