Doctors or thriller authors ??

Back from the canaries, ready for some full body checks...  not the nicest idea but had to be done...  but..  already during a little check at Doctor number one I was sent to hospital straight away in an ambulance...  weird... and first time in my life...  suspicion of pulmonary embolism... felt kind of shocked when i heart that one first...  but after two days of full body, lungths, heart etc. check it all came out good and i had to move and see some more doctors to find out an allergic reaction...  the best result for me was that everything has been checked and i can live a bit easier now...  right on time for the next Jobs and Camps....  uff...  And before...  Canaries ??  I left Fuerteventura ten days ago, coughing hard and remembering some strange winds, much more gusty than usual and lots of Calima...  and yes, that nice, hot Sahara storm has most probably been the kick off for my allergic reaction....  by now it has been more than a month without Freesailing for me....  and some more weeks to go.....  But I am also looking forward to some more nice Events at Kos and Samos in Greece....  

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