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My time in Tarifa has been really good and I am glad to finally go back to one of my favourite places and to Top it all I could score a fantastic day at Bolonia with glassy, long, headhigh waves...  Not the only reason why I will be back in Tarifa very soon !!!

While two years ago I could travel from Tarifa to the Canaries with one direct flight it has all changed a little and this time at had travel Tarifa - Sevilla - Mallorca - Madrid - Lanzarote....  an it was worth it....  Again i am at one of my favourite Islands with all those super nice people around and amazing Windsurfing.

We just started our Carve and Ride Fanatic Pro Camp three days ago and had already three wavy days, quite big ones sometimes and the forecasts tell us about some magic days this weekend, monday, tuesday....  Don´t worry...  I´ll have the images and Fotos ready for you !!  So far it have been three very challenging days, my participants still have to get used to the conditions and the fact that the wnd is more offshore and more on /off than usual doesn´t help us too much but it´s still alright... New experiences also help a lot to improve....

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    Juicers Reviews (Mittwoch, 17 April 2013 16:39)

    This is a great write-up! Thanks for sharing with us!

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