Tarifa rules..

Hard to believe that I spent already two weeks in Tarifa again and I really don´t want to think about next week when I have to leave, even when I know that I will go from one of my most favourite places to the next, Lanzarote. The fact that I know I´ll be back here soon again makes those thoughts a bit easier..    I am always pretty stoked to meet all my Tarifa friends and getting to know very nice people every time again, but especially this time...  And the fact that it has been windy most days, with strong Levante and nice Poniente so far and the next Levante starting tomorrow made life also better down here in the south of Spain.....  

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    wingedgord (Donnerstag, 31 Mai 2012 18:28)

    Tarifa sounds like a fun place. Two weeks does not seem enough.

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