Moulay to Tarifa

Already almost a week ago I finished my first Wave Special in 2012 at Moulay in Morocco, well, it has been another very interesting week with four days of SUP and Surf and two windy days continued with a loong trip on moroccon highways towards Tarifa. Tarifa, finally back, it has been almost three years that i last vistited one of my most favourite Spots, to Windsurf and to live. It was about time, and i am just super glad to be back here and sad that i don´t even have three weeks in this most southern point of Spain, but since i got here i had some amazing days with full Levante and one day resting.......  just love being here......  

Today i went for the first time to the Spot at the Dune.......  well, this one has never been my favourite Spot along the coast between Tarifa and Cadiz, but today i realized once again why......  I felt like a peace of wood in the middle of an industrial saw.......  sharp edges of Kiteboards and Lines close (very close) by .....   it seemed like the Kitesurfers wanted to show my every single Pixel of their latest graphics as close as they could...  When I started counting I stopped at 178 Kites and still much more to go..... and all that right in front of three Windsurf Centers.......  just crazy and not my Spot to Windsurf for sure and after watching the behaviour of most Kitesurfers I don´t have any motivation to go Kitesurfing again...........   well, not the best day for sure..............  but at least it was windy and I got on the Board and practise a bit......  the forecast looks sick...  I will keep you informed what´s going on over here....

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