Sup to Fly to cold......

My personal SUP Winter is over, Windsurfing hasn´t happened that much since a few months as the conditions just failed again, thanks to La Nina by the way, the weather phenomenom that visited Isla Margarita two years ago and decided to stay for a while, but she be packing already to leave pretty soon, believing all forecasts .....  SUP was fun in the wave sat the Northshore of our Island with my new Fanatic Pro Wave 8´10" SUP and also along the southcoast shorelines and Lagoons around El Yaque Beach....  It all stopped for me now, as I packed my stuff as well and left to Germany for a few days before heading south again, to Marocco for our first 2012 Wave Special in Moulay....  Hey Bruno, I´m on my way !!

Bruno is the owner of the Fanatic Boarderscenter Magic Fun Moulay and a really nice guy as Miloud Elabdi as well, his employee and one of THE guys rocking that Spot....

well, no my fingers get a little stiff with the 30 degree celsius difference of air temperature i just had.....  so will post you some more very soon....

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