Our First Camp finished already a week ago and since than we had no wind or just not enough for decent Windsurfing, well, now it seems the wind is coming back, pure sunshine, stabil weather makes the Beach look pretty nice and the wind improve.... BUT, actually no european woud like to stay at the beach at the moment, it´s a short venezuelan holiday, Carnival....  Not only that once again there are just too many people, boats, jet ski...  at the small beach, the recently built stage right at the Center of the Beach powers music at full volume onto the people, hammering into ears, legs and stomach....  wow !!!!  Venezuelan seem to like it as they start dancing at the Beach, but even far away from the stage you can´t understand your own again !!!!  it´s like in traffic over here...  or full speed or stopp - music full volume or switched off ...

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    This particular article was just what I was trying to find!

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