Passed Christmas.....

Christmas is over. It has been a new experience this year when i could see the way of latin Christmas celebration which is pretty much different to the european way and looks more like New Years Eve....  with loud music, party and massive fireworks....  

During the day it can´t be missed that something is going on, christmas holidays also in Venezuela, our Beach completely filled and overloaded and the way towards the water is sometimes hard to find and always a fight through people yelling at you because you try to carry your gear safe to the water....   Luckily the windforecasts once again are completely wrong, as they predict winds between 18 and 25 knots and we are not even close to the ten knot mark....  so I can avoid the beach and people without any bad feelings and do my gardenwork, which i don´t really like but which has to be done.....

At least we had two stormy days, with rain and some little waves just before christmas to get on the water ... At the last day I put my GoPro CAm with the Mastmount into my sail to shoot some video and images and on the last run back to the beach the cam got lost, even with security leash and mastmount fully intact....  not the best day....  But only two days later I got my first Christmas present when a local fisherman brought me a little black bag with my GoPro inside, which he found between some rocks while searching for some seafood...  all good in the end...  now we are waiting for 2012 and some improvements of the conditions and some more windsurfers over here, so far not many people found their way to Margarita......

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    u=777766 (Samstag, 20 April 2013 12:11)

    This is an excellent write-up! Thank you for sharing!

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    Jerilyn Rosher (Montag, 28 Oktober 2013 11:09)

    I need more articles and blogs please post soon.

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