My cloudy week......

It has been a nice mixture of sun, rain and clouds this week. The rain at night helping my garden work, on one hand at least and during daytime it has been nice and sunny, with a couple of wind hours for my 5,4 sail with the 95 liter board. Was nice to be back on the water and to see a normal November again, plus those massive and mostly really beautiful clouds, creating insane sceneries and sunsets, but still the village is very empty, international tourists wise, the venezuelans do find their way to El Yaque Beach with their massive coolers full of alcoholic beverages, but almost none of them do any kind of watersports, so we have been never more than 5 Windsurfers together on the water, sharing the breeze with a handful Kiteboarders only......

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    u=12341 (Sonntag, 21 April 2013 08:34)

    I just shared this upon Myspace! My friends will really enjoy it!

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