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Time is flying by and when i woke up this morning I couldn´t believe that i got already ten days again at the Island of Margarita. On one side I still feel as I just arrived yesterday on the other side instead it also feels as i would have been year all year around, same people, same place, same weather, same problems and same positive things. What is different to the last year is that it is raining much much less and I got already some days on the water, even I could need a bit more of decent Windsurfing. A pretty strange and slow weather situation over the Atlantic Ocean just stopped anything we could use for some fun, Wind and Waves....   At least we get some amazing Sunrises and Sunsets served every single day....  pure beauty....  

I just uploaded a few new pics onto my most recent images site and of course my first pics of the week into elyaquenews.com

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Just uploaded new pics of the week to www.elyaquenews.com