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Busy times, busy summer...  but travelling is almost over for this year, after coming back from Kos in Greece I went straight to our Wave Special in Moulay / Morocco, the second one this year at the Fanatic Boarderscenter Moulay in 2011 and again we had some amazing conditions, even when the wind has been lighter than in may, we had waves each day and wind at 5 out of 6 days...  almost perfect, plus we´ve had the spot all for us, completely alone... amazing....  than back to germany, for one day...  well, actually for more but with only one day at home straight on to the PWA Worldcup Sylt, at least for the last weekend and the pricegiving ceremonies of Gollito and Yoli, plus seing all our Fanatic Team again at the Fanatic and North Tent....  if you will be there as well, just pass by to say hello !!  

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    Ricardo (Mittwoch, 11 Juli 2012 23:36)

    Great info, thanks

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