Another Surf Cover....

Time to Blog again, after two weeks at the Island of KOS in Greece with a quite expensive but not working Internet Connection and blogging, when possible, at our Blog. Well, two weeks Fanatic Pro Camps at the Island of Kos are over, unfortunately with less wind than in our previous Events at the same place, but still we had two very nice weeks with very nice people. But on the other hand we could feel the difficulties the greek are living with at the moment and sometimes it felt as one of the mayor income possibilities are not being seen or clear enough, the tourism.... But well, it´s not on me to discuss those things, just felt a bit strange sometimes....  and we hope it´ll all be better in the near future.

With only one more Camp to go, our Wave Special in Moulay which starts the 21st of september, the end of our 2011 Camp Tour is coming very close and I started to organize the next Tour, with new Destinations and even more Camps, there should be something for everybody.

As well I will focus more on my photography work in the wintertime and got some more Motivation after seeing my latest Cover shots.....

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