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What a journey today, lovely. You never know what to expect when you start a new journey, on the way to the airport, at the airport, during the arrival, the Transfer to the Hotel, at the Hotel Check Inn, many opportunities for surprises. Well, today I was really surprised, very positive....  The highway to the airport has been empty as never before and I arrived much quicker than planned, entering the Check Inn zone a friendly voice at the Airberlin Counter asked my name even before i arrived at her counter, and once i arrived i had to show my passport while my boarding pass was already printed, wow....  arriving at kos Airport I couldn´t even follow, how fast did that luggage come out and went into the Taxi...  not even one hour after the plane touched greek ground i was already checked into my Hotel, with more than half an hour drive....  And than the Natura Park Hotel, really new and very pretty and friendly....  couldn´t be better to start our two Fanatic Pro Camps over here tomorrow....  You can follow our Camps at the Blog

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    Centrifugal Juicer (Samstag, 20 April 2013 06:00)

    I shared this upon Twitter! My friends will really want it!

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