Wet but wrong....

A week ago i was just waking up in Germany after having arrived from the Canary Islands and now I got already almost one week at the dutch coast, spending little family holidays in Zeeland plus some Fotoshoots and Video to get published after our little Trip here and before leaving in a week to Greece, where we will hold our next Fanatic Pro Camps at Fanatic " The Boarderscenter" Kos. Only thing is, that so far there has been no chance to get any Footage together. The first days we spend under blue skies and pretty nice temperatures, before the weather decided to change drastically and forced us to sit at home, watch lightnings crashing into the Sea and the rain getting our gear soaking wet. Wet is ok, if it is on the water, playing around and falling and crashing, but if it is while trying to get some bread dry home it is actually not that funny... But well, that´s part of life and when you head towards the north sea coast it is also something you should always expect....  I am pretty sure that Greece ill be different...  so long I work on my latest Bikini Shots we did at Fuerteventura and I just put my new Holland Galery online

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    Juicers Reviews (Montag, 22 April 2013 09:19)

    This article was exactly what I had been in search of!

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Just uploaded new pics of the week to www.elyaquenews.com