How to explain that ??

Sometimes it is just hard to believe and sometimes even harder to think about why the wind so many times drops exactly for a big Windsurf Contest and the weeks before and after are just windy....Well, that is what´s happening right now at Fuerteventura where we have been sailing with sailsizes between 3,4 and 4,2 full power for the past two weeks - today is the inscription for the Worldcup and the first real no wind days in weeks, plus it is raining..... Looking at the forecasts, it actually doesn´t look so much better for the entire contest...  only for day one after the Freestyle it all looks normal and windy again....  It would just be great to have a real high wind and so extreme Freestyle Contest after a couple of very light wind Competitions where all Competitors had to struggle to perform their moves and where the most radical manouvers were just not possible..... I spent my time already wit taking some pictures of the Island which you can find here in my most recent images galery....

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