Funwork and overpower

It was one of those days where the timing just went wrong. When we arrived to Sotavento Beach yesterday, the sea looked white, the wind was super strong already and i decided to do a little Fotosession for some tuiton reports i´m working on, especially the how not to do´s we needed, so I crashed lots of times for the Camera, getting blown away a couple of times by the big gusts.... and once we had quite some images on the Chip, I went out again, this time for fun but with the time the wind just picked up even more and the waves got much smaller....  So no need to change my Freewave Board with the Quad Waveboard and the 3,7 i left at home anyway as i didn´t think it might get that windy...  well, today it´s all packed, even the 3,4......  latest news from Morro Jable a bit more south was a windspeed of 45 knots.....  

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    u=1548 (Donnerstag, 25 April 2013 02:42)

    I just shared this on Myspace! My buddies will definitely want it!

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