calm offshore start of the day

It is already our fourth day at Fuerteventura, unbelievable. I think that time was flying by with the immense Windspeeds we had in the past days...  I have been sailing my 4,2 but was just well overpowered all the time while most other windsurfers were flying on their 3,7s... Today is the first calm morning, with a nice offshore breeze but it looks as we would have some amazing winds in the afternoon, again....  well, this way i can at least rest my knees a bit which didn´t feel too good after yesterday´s rodeo Sailing.... The tough Choppy Waters made my body hurt but only my body, while some guys came off the water with their boards in two pieces....   To start the day we got used to it by now to spend some time in the beautiful Rapa Nui Cafe on top of Costa Calma with a great view onto the bay, so for sure we won´t miss when the wind kicks in again....

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