Fuerte Ventura = Strong Winds

It has been time to move, again. After a couple of weeks at Lanzarote with some great days on the water, lots of wind, nice waves and above all very nice people, I had to pack my stuff and take the Ferry over to Lanzarote´s neighbor Island Fuerteventura. To think about what would expect me at Fuerteventura wasn´t that hart, as sometimes I feel that i would know every single sandkorn over there. But actually it has been really nice to get over here once again and already the drive down from Corralejo to Costa Calma, passing the nice waves of Flagbeach, Glass Beach and Puerto Lajas made the almost 2 hours drive quite short and made me look forward to my time here on the water. The fact that most people in the north of the Island were Windsurfing with quite small sails already let me know that in the south it must be hauling, and once we came down the hill towards Costa Calma, passing the Spot of Matas Blancas made it even clearer. The Sea was white, the wind was blowing hard and the sails we could se on the water looked quite small and the spray caused by massive crashes created a spectacular scenery.... Unluckily we arrived a little late to prepare our gear and go out but anyway the wind would stay and we would have well enough time on the water. Now I´ll report a bit from here and serve you some nice images .....


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