White and Black day... but no grey

I will start with the white start of the day... the PWA Freestyle Worldcup at Lanzarote is over and Gollito could win again, already his fifth time here at Costa Teguise and finally this year he could proof his skills after difficulties at the first Events with very light winds and on Flatwater.....  The master of the Airmoves hit back today !!!  Very nice and great to see....

The Black side ??  well not really black for my personal Windsurfing it has surely not been the best day, I went out before the Worldcup started today and with my first Jump I crashed my Mastfoot, unluckily that was at one of the last waves of the Las Cucharas Reef, which means actually not really close to the Beach, and as none of all the Windsurfers around me went for help, I went for a nice 1,5 hours swim with my gear....  luckily i made it back right on time to sprint over to the Competition Area and follow the last Heats of this Worldcup and see Gollito winning....

All good I thought, time for me to get on the water for a good session this time...  I bring my Board to the beach...  forgot something at the Center, when I come back to the Beach I see a huge gust taking my gear and smashing it onto the rocky way....  So this session was over before it even begun.... enough for today, better to stay at the beach and take a rest, to repair my Freewave and have a nice day tomorrow on my Quad.... Forecast looks amazing....  By the end of the week we will leave this beautyful Island and head over to Fuerteventura.....

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    Miguel Tavares (Sonntag, 03 Juli 2011 23:27)

    Uhau... what a unlucky day it was. Shame that no one offered some help.. I guess everyone is rather focus on the wind and waves. :)

    Best wishes for the next days and have a great clinic at Fuerteventura.

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    Juicer Review (Donnerstag, 11 April 2013 00:58)

    This is a great write-up! Thank you for sharing!

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