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I know we are blessed that we can do where many people dream about, Travel the world and Windsurf, besides all the Fun (there is some work involved actually as well....) all the new impressions and people we see and meet, the fun of the Travel is not what it has been before. Most Airlines don´t like to take the Windsurf Gear anymore and that with the Boards (and so the Bags) getting shorter and lighter. The biggest amount of money we have to plan now for the extra baggage, ok so far, but when it happens that you still have to discuss at the Airports and than you arrive at your Destinations, alone, without your gear, that´s when the fun factor goes down to zero, so maybe you can imagine how many faces of the Competitors of the Worldcup here at Lanzarote look like, while they are still waiting for their gear to arrive. The Worldcup starts today by the way. Worse it hit Worldchampion Gollito Estredo. Sitting in his plane, ready to take off from Venezuela to Spain, the Anti Drug Control stopped the plane, emptied the plane including the baggage to check everybody and everything all over again, five hours....  Of course once they finally took off the chance of getting the connection flights arriving in Spain was impossible, so worlds number one still sits at Madrid while all other riders (those who got their gear) warm up and inscribe for the Competition.

The positive, it was very nice to see all guys again after good 8 months and to see the actual Freestyle Level with super fast and high spins and rotations in all possible directions....  

I will report here in my Blog and with a final report about the Worldcup....  Hopefully it doesn´t become a very short one, the windforecast exactly for the three competition days went down to very low..... and to very strong right after the Event. 

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    Ronik (Dienstag, 10 Juli 2012 08:46)

    Nice article dude

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