Sweater urgently needed....

What a surprise this morning when I opened my Hotel Room Window and a coold breeze hit my sleepy body....  ok, not the first time that Costa Teguise starts with clouds and lower temperatures into the day, i thought. Power Breakfast to get ready for another windy day and hours on the water, Boardshorts and Shirt as day´s clothing and off to the Beach....  Bad decision to leave my Sweater in the room was the first thing that came into my mind when i was walking along the Beach towards the Fanatic Boarderscenter. Luckily distances are short in the village and my way back to the Hotel didn´t last to long, only that i wished i wouldn´t carry my heavy camera bag plus Tripod at this moment.... Still better than freezing the whole day....  ok, can´t say if the whole day since it is one in the afternoon only and there is still chance for the sky to clear and the sun to come through....  that is what i am hoping for at least. The wind is already blowing hard, but none of the Riders who have already arrived for the PWA Freestyle this thursday, nor me wanted to head out now already due to the strange weather...   what a problem to be used to sun and warm temperatures  !!  ;-)  

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    Centrifugal Juicer (Mittwoch, 17 April 2013 16:23)

    This is a great blog post! Thanks for sharing with us!

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