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And indeed some people might have been surprised today be the little breeze kickin´in at around 2 p.m. as just everybody thought that no wind will arrive today to the east Coast of Lanzarote, they all went partying hard last night, after the Rookie Cup, where I got second with my Team the Mafiosos...  Thanks Nadji for the disqualification at race 2 by the way...  ( just kidding, it was a real fun event where results didn´t count) and in the beginning it seemed as i was the only guy on the water going for some Freestyle before little by little one after the other showed up at the Beach and on the water asking to be silent please....  well, it was fun to not be too silent....  was it my fault to get wasted last night and trust the windforecasts ???  well, i don´t think so and so they deserved a little pain today....  :-)  let´s see what the week brings...  the Worldcup Setup is done, only that no rider has arrived yet as they just finished the Worldcup at Aruba and have to make it over here quickly.....  Hopefully the wind will be better as it is announced in most forecast....  as we got already enough light wind Freestyle Competitions in 2011

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    Vitalik (Dienstag, 25 September 2012 00:27)

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