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I´ve been thinking ultimately how I could describe some situations i could just see and live, crazy, weird, sad, hopeless....  ??  well, i am back to the canaries after good 9 months and some things have changed over here, last the economic crisis was THE theme number one over here and many people surely suffered a lot, lost jobs or were close to loose their business. A year later the whole situation seems to get worse but also nothing has really changed...  and isn´t there a chance for change in each crisis ??  at least that is my point of view...  for me a crisis is a chance as a crisis will not stay forever and economy will grow one day again and than i would like to be prepared and to be there...

we will see what is going to happen in the near future....

and what about the weather ??  wherever I go or went in the past months it has been the same story, the weather has been completely weird, the wind hasn´t shown up but it´s been raining much more than usual...  well it is a La Nina year still and i guess we have to sit it out and wait a little and look forward to what we´ll get right after...  but indeed at many places the wind has changed quite a lot, different sail sizes have been used in the past years and long stabil wind seasons almost don´t happen anymore, doesn´t matter if egypt, greece, caribbean or canaries....  good to have the SUPs  :-)

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    Jaroušek (Mittwoch, 30 Mai 2012 15:06)

    Thanks for info

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    Juicer Review (Freitag, 03 Mai 2013 11:05)

    This is a great article! Thank you for sharing with us!

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