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How worried i´ve been before leaving to northern africa after some bombings and violent demonstrations....  a little, yes, of course....  but more i was really looking forward to return to a really nice Wave Spot with Moulay Bouzerktoun and the chance to even get involved in some trouble, besides some long swims during possible big swells,would  be pretty low....  so happy i went again to Agadir and took the three hours taxi ride to Essaouira, our home base for the first Wave Special in 2011....  It hasn´t been that good the weeks before our Clnic, but exactly at the first Wave Special Day wind and waves kicked in....  just perfect...  2 - 3 meter waves each day....  the first days, the last two days much bigger....  and even if it has been a little big for some of my students over there, just anybody had a lot of fun and surely will return to this amazing little Wave and Windsurf Village in Morocco.....  I will for sure, already in September when we will hold our second Wave Special in 2011 at the same location.....  you want to be with us ??  just check   or    you´ll find complete reports about our clinic at   and

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