Sunny Germany and Morocco

Wow, it has been a week already that i am back in germany, a very sunny and warm week actually....  i don´t know if this week has been better than the entire winter in the Caribbean, where a rainless week didn´t happen as far as i can remember...  :-)  but also my time in Germany is almost over, tomorrow morning i´ll be off to Morocco again, to our third edition of the Wave Special in Moulay....  hopefully we´ll get some conditions there as in the past we really couldn´t complain at all...

Of course I will report about the Wave Special in the  Blog daily....  with some images of what happened over there.....   so now busy time starts again, with many hours at worlds airports, i don´t know how many flights in the next months and lots of nice and beautiful destinations, i just hope i get to enjoy them a little as mostly i´ll be there for work and off again.....  we´ll see....  a little private time on the water would be nice after a very very calm wind winter......

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    Maro (Dienstag, 10 Juli 2012 06:02)

    Great info, thanks

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    Masticating Juicer (Montag, 15 April 2013 11:10)

    I shared this on Myspace! My pals will definitely like it!

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