Back in Germany.... half a year at the usually windy place behind, but without the windy days but even more rain instead...  So i got on one of the last Condor flights from Margarita to Frankfurt, last time to enjoy a direct flight from europe onto that Caribbean Island and back...  already next time i have to choose the way via Caracas, as with Condor also the last remaining Airline leaves the rute...   well, it´ll all work out...  in the past i always liked my nightflight back to europe, sit down, sleep a couple of hours and arrive....  this time i could watch all the movies during the 9,5 hours flight....  sleeping was impossible, with a venezuelan woman and her little baby girl lying next to me, kicking me all night long and with another woman sitting next to me on the side getting unconscious and in need of medical assistance for a couple of hours....  so there was nothing more i wished to do than sleep when i arrived at Frankfurt Airport, but after two passport controlls, Drug Control and two custom controlls I still had a 2,5 hours drive ahead....  so once i arrived at home i just couldn´t sleep, i felt like too exhausted to sleep.....   but even easier it became to just rest during my first night in Germany, where I slept 12 hours....  something i´ve done last maybe like 15 years ago.... at least Germany is pretty enjoyable at the moment, sunny and 25 - 27 degrees...  perfect....  

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    u=1605778 (Montag, 29 April 2013 15:28)

    I shared this upon Facebook! My friends will definitely enjoy it!

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