Wet Departure

Pretty hard to believe my season is already over, especially when looking back and onto this winter´s statistics.... i guess i´ve never sailed less in 6 months, spent more time in a gym, running or biking, plus endless sessions on the SUP Boards....  I really had lots of fun when i came here and one north swell after the other hit my favourite Surf Spot at Margarita...  lots of fun until we decided not to go anymore, because of several reasons.... so staying in El Yaque waiting for wind was on...  I guess we did the best to still get the work done and not get too bored, but for proper Video or Fotosessions there was juts no conditions...  just too cloudy all the time... of course i shot some landscape images ( see images )and a bit of the atmosphere under those massive mountains of clouds, but after all it has been a little disappointing....  well next time will be better again for sure....  leaving El Yaque i am wondering how it will look like when i come back, as soo many constructions have been started and so many changes are being discussed for the Village....  I´ll see and be surprised  I suppose...  Now back to Europe, where Sun is shining at least while I had to pack my Boardbags under the rain.... (and with like 99 % humidity, so sweating like hell  :-)   )

So my next Blog entries will be from good old Europe and Morocco....  

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