living a dream - unfortunately....

I still try to wake up, even if it feels as i would be typing right now.. watching the weather, watching the clowds...  and that´s exactly where i start to ask myself if i am dreaming or awake....  it has been the worst wind season i have ever witnessed so far, i have been sailing maybe ten to twelve times....  since October 2010 when i came back to Isla Margarita, in good hope of a nice Windsurf Season, great Photo and Video Shoots and keen to learn some new Windsurf Moves....  well that hope has vanished completely....  I waited and hoped until mid march, the date when the wind finally started....  and i had to start working day and night, as just too many fotoshoots and videoshots had to be done, since clients were waiting for two or three months already for wind and blue skies, too......  so i got to sail 30 minutes one day, on a very good day almost one hour.... some days zero.... and now that i have most work on the water and at the beach done and start editing, which can be done also in the morning and night and i would have some time for my sailing, the wind once again has gone, clowds are back and forecast predicts rain for this week....  so i hope it better is a dream.....  and i will wake up soon, it is October 2010 and I arrive at Isla Margarita with hope for a nice season.....

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    Murarik (Samstag, 14 Juli 2012 08:56)

    good post

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    Aware Dating (Freitag, 19 August 2016 13:59)

    I am really impressed along with your writing skills and also with the format on your blog.

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