Windy but still waiting....

The wind finally has returned to El Yaque, about time, but still i´m waiting for a nice session on the water. I went to Punta Caneiro yesterday, a just perfect jump spot with little waves to ride sometimes, but with my Fanatic Quad and the ICE 5,0 i was just sinking... the wind has just been too gusty and light for the gear. But also in El Yaque i´m still waiting for the first really good day, as during the really windy days i had to report about the Copa ONA III of shoot Video for some centers, always the same, as soon as the wind hits El Yaque  i get just too much work to do for one person.....  but the forecast for the entire next week looks awsome, so maybe i finally get a real fun day on the water....

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    Michalt (Dienstag, 17 Juli 2012 10:34)

    Nice one info, thx

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