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When you live close to the beach, close to the sea most  time of the year, something you just don´t wanna see when waking up in the morning are Earthquake and Tsunami images, as it just happened today....  I felt, feel, very sorry for all those people over there suffering once again by that massive stroke of mother nature, which just reminded us again who got the power here...  there is just nothing you can do about it.. well, about all side effects like nuclear reactors getting damaged etc, I think there are things people could do, but well, not my business....

with those images in my had  i went straight into another typical venezuelan day, trying to avoid countless car crashes  while driving through crazy traffic and in the end i jus couldn´t do what i had planned for today and i wasn´t even surprised by that fact, as if i would have managed to to everything it would have been strange, as this usually never happes over here.... latin life is different and the actual situation of the country is not making it much better...  but well, also that is nothing particularly new and nothing i should complain about, as nobody forces me to be here......  but still when used to european standards it is a bit hard sometimes ...

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