loong loong days

After the two Fanatic Pro Camps already behind, and the wind still not having arrived, the days are getting longer and longer...  but while everybody is waiting for wind at least i got enough things to do, like reporting from the Killer Mountain Challenge last monday (you can see the full report and images in www.elyaquenews.com )  a couple more Fotoshoots, and i finally can finish some tuiton articles and Clinic and Center Videos....  not too bad even if I also yes do watch the palmtrees and the sky to check for wind much more often than usual, but without any success. THe weather situation indeed is the worse i´ve ever seen here and there is no real change in sight....  so back to the Computer and Books, charge my Batteries of my Cameras and keep myself busy as much as i can....

CArnival is also over now and we all hope that those crazy crowds have vanished by tomorrow, it has been very very similar to the usual easter holidays party week and just being on the street became already a bit dangerous, with just toooo many drunk and crazy people behind the steering wheels of too powerful cars...  fingers crossed that it will be over for real now...  so we could have some more relaxed weeks before easter comes....

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Just uploaded new pics of the week to www.elyaquenews.com