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First of all I want to thank La Nina, it seems as you really like our little Island in the southern Caribbean Sea and so you decided to stay a little longer this year, providing us with some beautiful rainshowers, stopp that nasty wind which always keeps us from reading Newspapers at the Beach.

OK, back to reality... what is going on this season.....  this La Nina phenomenom indeed doesn´t want to stop, and after the one and a half days of wind for my 5,4 the clowds are back and the wind has vanished, again....  usually at this time of the year i hardly can remember how many really good windsurfing days i´ve got already....  this year it is very simple.. i need only one hand to count those days......  i realy hope it´ll be windy in the near future, if not i am afraid that some people go really mad here and i have to hide of this madness....

Well at the moment that is hardly possible, wherever you look people are going crazy.. it is Carnival and the venezuelan party crowds invaded the Village, the Island, once again, but much more than usual, which also means that there is much more plastic walking along the shore....  even if it is nice to watch it is something you just can´t get used to, that sooo many people throw themselves on those sterile tables to get some plastic parts into their bodies....

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    Pablinho (Samstag, 14 Juli 2012 01:44)

    Great info, thanks

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