Two more days to go....

Wow, already another week is over, the week between our two El Yaque Fanatic Pro Camps, ok, there is still one more day to go before we start our next camp at the Club Mistral Center in El Yaque, but with all preparations done, or some still to be done, it feels as we started already...  checking the windforecasts, i just hope that the clowds will disappear and the wind will come back here right for the clinic....  by now i only see clowdy skies and the palmtrees only slightly moving, even if forecasts predicted 23 knots....  well, as soon as the sky clears up, the clowds vanish, the wind will be here and provide us an awsome set up also for clinic no two.... I will BLOG again on  during that clinic week....  and don´t forget to check the  website starting this friday 25th  when the first 2011 worldcup starts at Mui Ne in Vietnam with 4 times Worldchampion Gollito Estredo trying to defend his worldtitle one more time...

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    Fuka (Freitag, 20 Juli 2012 08:27)

    will come back before long

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