Our first 2011 Event is over

My first six days of Windsurf Coaching in 2011 have just finished, the Fanatic Pro Camp El Yaque finished yesterday after some really nice and windy six days and with some great people participating. We started the 10th of February with an amazing Windforecoast, which, we would find out throughout this week, wasn´t really accurate, but anyway we got some nice Conditions to practise on the water and the low wind times we spent on the Simulator and with excercises at the Beach, before getting some nice drinks at the Beachbars for Happy Hour and equally good food at our Dinner Restaurants in El Yaque. Now that those days are over I got exactly one week to rest before we start our first Event ever with the Club Mistral Center in El Yaque for our second Clinic this year and i´m pretty sure that it´l get at least as good as number one. one week to get some sleep, and do a lot of paperwork, planning all upcoming travels and clinics and do a couple of Fotoshoots...  yes it´s busy times right now, which i actually really like much more than to wait that anything might happen.. During the Events I also write daily reports at the www.windsurflabor.de  BLOG, so if you miss my words here during the clinics, just check out our event website

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Just uploaded new pics of the week to www.elyaquenews.com