Board day and step backwards

At the beginning of the Season it seemed as El Yaque would be dead, there were just no people at all at the Beach or on the streets, in the Restaurants and Hotels, just empty....  In the past days and weeks the picture has changed and yesterday was the first time that I´ve seen the sea very crowded, lots of Windsurfers and Kitesurfers on the water at the same time, looked a little like in the past years... actually that also came because the Equipment was still the same, which is a sign for me that businesses here take it a bit calmer....  maybe a 20 percent of the Windsurfers were riding on the most actual gear while in the past all Centers had the best and newest Gear in their racks for all clients.... Certainly it is very hard to predict by now how a season would possibly be in El Yaque, the political situation is not really in favour of the tourism and almost all Airlines decided to not come to Margarita anymore... but anyway it looks all a little strange to me as i am used to a totally different image of this Windsurf Village, this Windsurf Community as it used to be.....  at least the wind, sea, beach and sun help to make it all enjoyable after all..

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    Otas (Dienstag, 17 Juli 2012 11:06)

    Nice one info, thanks

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