was worth a try

Besides the day when i went to hospital to get my blood checked and in search for help against my Dengue Virus, today was the first that I left the house and went a little to the Beach, sitting in the shadow and hoping for some wind to see some action on the water. Unluckily the wind has been pretty light. Yoli went out to practise some Freestyle, some Kiteboarders were cruising along but actually not much happened and my body told me pretty quickly that it has been some days too early to get out, stomach started to ache and energy left my body like somebody would have been sucking in out. well, back home, some drinks, soups and vitamins later i start to feel better again, but certainly will wait a bit before i go back to the beach again....

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    Cop (Donnerstag, 16 August 2012 23:53)

    Thanks for details

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