aching body forces me to stay home

It´s been quite a while that I had my last flew, especially here in El Yaque, a little cold sometimes after some long foto sessions in the water, but waking up or actually already going to bed with my body aching badly, my eyes exploding and swifting that pain over into my brain....  long time ago...  well, now I am here, sitting in bed and trying to keep my eyes focussed on that screen... and outside it looks like a really sunny day and the palmtrees are bending over since the early morning, which means a good sailing day, for the rest of the people here and the el yaque webcams don´t work this year and so i can´t even follow the action at the beach...  at least i could upload some of my latest images into my most recent images page, fotos i shot for the  you´re more than welcome to check my fotosite and those images same as all my Travel, Lifestyle, Action etc. works.....  

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    This is a great blog post! Thank you for sharing with us!

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