Holding that sail in hands, finally

I guess it was not only me being close to getting crazy, pretty crazy actually, after the wind just didn´t want to get through, just didn´t want to blow along the El Yaque Coastline. Two months with ver few movements on the water, but now it seems to get much much better, it has been the third day in a row where the wind was blowing, but today certainly was the strongest day and finally I could go for some Moves without pumping, pulling on my sail like an idiot, finally there was the wind for quite some pressure in my 5,4 Duke and later the 5,9 ICE.....  If there wouldn´t have been Gollito Estredo, Deivis Paternina Freestyling around me and Ricardo Campello landing Flatwater Backloops, I would have felt pretty good on the water today  :-) anyway finally I could do my Sport again after waiting almost too long

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    Masticating Juicer (Donnerstag, 02 Mai 2013 20:44)

    This particular article was in fact precisely what I was searching for!

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